Anchored To Love - Signed Paperback


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All Charlie ever wanted to do was play softball in college. She’d worked her whole life for this and finally made it. However, when Charlie refuses to party and drink with her teammates, she’s accused of not being a team player. There is no way she’d jeopardize her scholarship. Charlie will walk away from anyone who can ruin her dream. 

Carson is on his own, as his parents have other priorities that don’t include him. He’s never believed in relationships—who needs the drama? He’s a manwhore through and through. 

That is until he runs into Charlie. She’s different; she’s special, and he knows it from the start. They become inseparable and spend all of their free time connected at the hip. That is until the misunderstanding happens. 

The one thing that throws a curve ball into the mix. Will Charlie’s dream slip through her fingertips, or can she catch the ball?