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Could you ever believe in second chances? Have you ever wanted something so bad that when it's gone, you never forgot it? You longed for it; everything you do is in preparation to have it again, but this time you won't let it go. 

As a child, Beckett was tormented by the one person that was supposed to love him unconditionally... but, that's only in fairytales.

When the girl next door showed him there was more to life than what he's grown up knowing, he finds his solace in her; his first love, Harlow Girl. 

But at twelve, he's forced to move, and in a fit of rage, his mother spitefully and viciously destroys all his belongings including all of Harlow Girls contact information, inevitably losing all contact with her.

Breaking his promise.

The only thing he has to live and strive for is her. Everything he does in his life is for her. To maybe find her again and make her his. 

But this isn’t a fairy tale… or is it? 



Beckett - Beckett and Harlow's Story  

Mitchell - Mitchell and Raven's Story  

Carson - Carson and Charlie's Story  

Richard - Richard and Nicole's Story   

***AUTHOR'S NOTE***   

The books in this series can be read as a stand-alone book, but each story, each character intertwine between books and continue to grow within each book. I strongly suggest that you read them in order. 

Due to strong language, sexual content & physical abuse, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 or have triggers with child abuse or physical abuse.