The Sins of a Child - ebook


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In this Raw and Gritty Romantic Suspense.

Samantha learned at an early age that life isn't always fair. 

When her mother re-marries, and she acquires an older brother that takes advantage of her innocence. She learns that there is more to family than words and actions.

Oliver used to be a carefree boy until a horrifying incident takes his family away. He has learned one important lesson at his young age, 'Protect those you care about'. 

When he sees a scared little Samantha, Oliver’s heart was drawn to her, to help and protect her. Even though he’s several years older, he made that promise to himself to watch over her, and she never knew he was always there. He was her Protector. But he was keeping a secret from her.

When Oliver’s identity is revealed, Samantha, feeling betrayed and deceived goes into hiding, running away from the man she has loved most of her life. 

Oliver has to find her before Samantha’s past catches up with her. Will she be able to survive or will her past take her away forever leaving Oliver, a shell of a man?


Coldplay - Fix You

Sungha Jung - A Thousand Years

My interpretation of what Sam and Oliver heard at the lake.