About SM Stryker

As an Amazon Bestselling author, SM Stryker writes stories that are deeply emotional with subjects that lean toward the taboo, subjects she learned and lived as a child, then later as a teen and young adult. She has always believed that things happen for a reason. That is the message she often tries to portray. Her romance books are filled with raw emotion and grit, showing the reader they can survive all things.

Outside of writing… is there such a thing? I’m just a regular country girl from the Pacific Northwest. I've been married to the love of my life, for thirty years, have four beautiful daughters and four amazing grand babies. I don’t watch a lot of television other than football and softball. I’d like to say I love working out, but… Nah. I’m a huge creature of habit, most evenings and weekends you can find me in front of my computer. I try to read every day and listen to books on audio when I can’t. 

I’m quiet and shy by nature, which some people that don't know me take it as if I were a bitch but ask me about my books, and you will see me bloom and open like a rose. If I don’t get the chance to write … watch out.

Writing is my solace. I love diverse types of music and when I get hooked on a group, I’ll listen to them and only them for months at a time. Playing their CD on incessantly. 

I learned a few years back, that life is unpredictable and to not to take your loved ones for granted, you never know what each day will bring. So, hold tight to your loved ones, tell them you love them, while you have the chance. 

Good love stories effect us all.

My Vision

Sparking raw emotion within  the story lines of taboo subjects that you will plunge you down through hell, just to raise you to all new highs. Inspiring the imagination, and must be personally experienced. Come lose yourself and fall in love again.  


Digging deep within myself to find new experiences for my characters, I'm only as good as my last book. 

Putting my life events and lessons into something that not only will make you feel good but leaving the reader wanting more.