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SM Stryker

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༺❃༻Could you ever believe in second chances?༺❃༻

Have you ever wanted something so badly that when it was gone, you never forgot it?

You long for it; everything you do in life is in preparation to have it again, but this time you won’t let it go.

Tormented by the one person that was supposed to love him unconditionally, Beckett didn’t live a fairytale life. He often wondered what he did to make his mom hate him so much.

Harlow was the carefree neighbor that showed Beckett the world could be a better place. In her, he found unconditional love and a friendship that neither one could live without.

That is until Beckett was forced to move. In a fit of rage, his mother spitefully and viciously destroyed his only contact with his ‘Harlow Girl’, breaking his promise to her to always stay in contact with her.

Devastated, Beckett didn’t know what to do. What can a twelve-year-old do?

Beckett vowed that one day he would find his ‘Harlow Girl’ again. Everything he would do in life would be for her.

But again, this isn’t a fairytale.


Beckett – Beckett and Harlow’s Story
Mitchell – Mitchell and Raven’s Story
Carson – Carson and Charlie’s Story
Richard – Richard and Nicole’s Story


*This is a series of interconnected standalones.*

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Due to strong language, sexual content & physical abuse, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 or who have triggers with child abuse or physical abuse.