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Wishes on Falling Stars

Wishes on Falling Stars



I once was told that my wishes would come true if I wished upon a falling star. Well, they were wrong.

Or were they?

I think my heart belonged to Kaiden from the very first moment we met.

We spent a secret weekend together talking about our future, wished upon falling stars, and confessing our love for one another.

Kaiden was my best friend; my future, but after I gave myself to him that special night, he disappeared from my life. That was the last time I saw him.

Willow was my first, but after that weekend, my life changed forever. I walked away from everything and everyone I ever loved.

Willow thought that if she got married, she could forget the boy she was in love with. But when she found out she was pregnant years later, her husband demanded she terminate the pregnancy.

Horrified at her husband’s ultimatum, Willow returns to the one place she had always found solace.

After a tragic accident, Kaiden withdrew from everyone he loved, including Willow. By the time he finally realized what he had done, Willow was already gone. Giving herself to another man. She wasn’t his any longer.

Now, ten years later, their paths cross in the one place that had held so much promise. Each carries secrets, too ashamed and unwilling to share until they realize they only have each other to lean on.

Whoever said that dreams would come true if you wished upon stars, was wrong.

Or do they?