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Wishes on Falling Stars

Wishes on Falling Stars



Once, the notion of wishes coming true upon a falling star seemed nothing but a whimsical tale. Yet, deep within the recesses of my heart, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to it.

From the very instant our paths crossed, I knew that my heart belonged to Kaiden. In a stolen weekend, we immersed ourselves in dreams of a shared future, whispered our desires to falling stars, and professed a love that transcended time.

Kaiden was not just a lover, but my closest confidant, the one I envisioned spending my life with. However, the echoes of that unforgettable night faded into silence as he vanished from my world, leaving me shattered and hollow. It became the last time our eyes locked in a tender embrace.

I, too, walked away, leaving behind all I held dear, forging a path veiled in secrecy and heartache. Willow was the name I carried, but the memories of Kaiden’s touch forever etched upon my soul.

A marriage was meant to be the remedy, a way to forget the boy I was still hopelessly in love with. Yet, years later, when life unveiled the miracle of pregnancy, my husband issued a chilling ultimatum, demanding the termination of our unborn child.

Horrified by such a heartless demand, I found solace in the only place that had ever embraced my spirit—the place that held remnants of a love I had relinquished.

Kaiden, too, withdrew from those who held his heart, including Willow. By the time he recognized the magnitude of his mistake, she had vanished, surrendering herself to another man’s embrace. She was no longer mine, a precious treasure lost in the passage of time.

Now, a decade has passed, and fate entwines our paths once more, leading us back to the haven that once brimmed with unfulfilled promises. Burdened with untold secrets, we stand on the precipice, too guarded and ashamed to bare our souls. Yet, in each other’s presence, we find solace, realizing that the only support we truly have lies in the unspoken bond that binds us together.

Whoever proclaimed that dreams come true when we wish upon stars may have been mistaken.

Or were they? As Kaiden and Willow discover the depth of their connection, they embark on a journey where shattered dreams may find a chance to mend, and the light of a fallen star may yet illuminate their path to redemption.