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You Said You Loved Me

You Said You Loved Me




◦•●◉✿They say young love is fleeting, but I know deep in my soul that ours is destined to defy the odds.✿◉●•◦

In the quiet solitude of my small beach town, tragedy struck my life at the tender age of eighteen. The horrifying murder of my parents cast a dark cloud over my existence, and I couldn’t shake the haunting guilt that whispered of my own involvement.

Fearing for the safety of Kyler Wiley, the one true love who had captured my heart, I made a choice that shattered our bond. I fled, driven by fear and foolishness, and paid the heavy price of losing him.

Now, four years later, the merciless hands of fate have found me again. The killers have resurfaced, threatening Kyler with a fate similar to that of my parents.

This time, I refuse to succumb to the shadows. Instead of running, I choose to stand and fight. I have transformed into a different person from the timid high schooler of the past.

Returning to the town where our dreams bloomed and tragically withered, I embraced the challenges that lie ahead. And as fate would have it, on that very same beach where our love once danced with the waves, I glimpsed him driving by—a flood of memories crashing upon me. The pain of his absence, the hollowness within me, surged through my chest.

Yearning for his embrace, I longed to hear his soothing words, reassuring me that everything would be all right. But he had learned to guard his heart and trust no longer came effortlessly.

How could I convey that my love for him never wavered? That every passing day without him felt like an unbearable eternity, despite the distance that separated us? My dreams had been plagued by nightmares of his demise. I needed them to believe I had moved on, to shield him from harm’s way. Even if it meant sacrificing my own shattered heart, I would go to any lengths to ensure his safety, for he was the most precious part of my being.