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The Sins of a Child

The Sins of a Child



༺❃༻Prepare yourself for a raw and gritty love story that defies conventions.༺❃༻

Sam’s life was far from ordinary, tainted by the harsh reality that fairness was merely an illusion, and her very existence was built upon a foundation of lies.

My name is Sam, and from an early age, I learned that the world wasn’t fair.

Sam was an unattainable prize, a forbidden fruit that Oliver knew he could never truly possess, yet he couldn’t fathom a life without her.

As Samantha’s mother finds new love and remarries, her once simple world is upended by the arrival of an older stepbrother who preys upon her innocence. It is in this crucible of familial betrayal that she discovers the profound depths of what it truly means to belong.

Oliver, once carefree, is irrevocably changed by a devastating tragedy that snatches his family from his grasp. From that day forward, he vows to protect those he holds dear, a lesson etched deep within his young heart.

When he is tasked to protect a frightened Samantha, his instincts kick in, and an unbreakable bond forms, compelling him to shelter and shield her from the darkness that surrounds them. Despite their age difference, Oliver makes a solemn promise to watch over her.

Yet, she remains oblivious to his unwavering presence.

He becomes her unseen guardian.

Always lingering in the shadows.

But Oliver guards a secret concealed from Samantha’s awareness.

When the truth of his identity is unmasked, Samantha, feeling betrayed and deceived, flees into the shadows, escaping the clutches of the man she once loved above all else. Oliver, driven by an all-consuming love, must embark on a desperate search to find her before her enigmatic past catches up with her, threatening to obliterate their fragile bond.

Will Samantha summon the strength to survive the relentless onslaught of her past, or will it consume her, tearing her away forever, leaving Oliver as nothing more than a hollow shell of a man? Their journey unfolds with relentless intensity, offering a narrative that delves into the deepest recesses of the human experience, where love and survival intertwine in a tempestuous dance.

Sins of a Child is a new adult romance novel that contains mentions of physical & sexual abuse, explicit language, and sexual scenes, and it is intended for persons 18 years of age and older.