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Falling Into You

Falling Into You



༺❃༻In the face of unimaginable secrets and haunting demons, what choices would you make?༺❃༻

What would you do if the woman you hold dear, the woman you’ve just shared an intimate bond with, musters the courage to reveal her deepest, darkest secret—a truth that would plunge others into a relentless nightmare?

A secret brimming with demons, a revelation so profound it defies all expectations. It is a secret you never could have fathomed in a million years.

Now, what would you do if confronted by that very nightmare, facing the demons head-on, encountering the devil himself?

How far would you go to shield the woman who has unexpectedly captured your heart? What sacrifices would you make?

What would you do?

Would you let her slip away to safeguard yourself, or would you face death itself to protect her?

Such is the turmoil that engulfs Parker, an eighteen-year-old who sought refuge by escaping her tumultuous past, yearning for a chance at a semblance of normalcy. Enrolling in online high school and aspiring for a fresh start in college, she believed she had left the shadows of her small hometown far behind.

However, fate has a different plan in store.

A fortuitous encounter with a mysterious man, his striking green eyes captivating her in ways she never thought possible, sets Parker on a path where unfamiliar emotions swirl within her, evoking both exhilaration and fear.

Yet, Parker’s past remains a labyrinth of darkness, its depths unfathomable to the outside world. Allowing this enigmatic man entry into her world may prove to be her gravest mistake. Her fears manifest into reality when the very fabric of their existence begins to crumble in the wake of her disclosure.

Can Parker summon the strength to confront her demons, armed with Ian by her side? Will their connection withstand the relentless onslaught of her past, or will it crumble under the weight of their shared secrets?

Discover a tale that delves into the harrowing depths of vulnerability and resilience, as Parker and Ian navigate the treacherous waters of their intertwined destinies. It is a story that will test their courage, unravel their fears, and ultimately question the power of love in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Due to strong language, sexual content & physical abuse, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18 or has triggers with child abuse or physical abuse.