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Play Me A Memory

Play Me A Memory



Uncover the secrets of a forgotten past as one woman struggles to remember who she was before her accident.

In the blink of an eye, my world shattered. A devastating car accident stole my memories, leaving me with a blank slate. I accepted the life I was told was mine, marrying a man who claimed to be my one true love and the father of my unborn child. But deep inside, a void whispered that something wasn’t right.

Years passed, and I became a prisoner in my own existence. My husband, my captor, denied me the simple joy of accompanying our daughter to the Music Hall of Fame. Yet, a flicker of defiance ignited within me. I couldn’t resist the pull of the enchanting melodies emanating from that revered hall. I braved his wrath and ventured into the unknown.

As the doors swung open, a symphony of emotions surged through my veins. An uncanny familiarity enveloped me, and I found myself humming along to a tune I had never heard before. Then, in that hallowed space, our gazes met—two pairs of grey eyes mirroring each other’s intensity. They held a truth I had longed for, a truth that shattered the façade of the life I had been living.

A tempest of memories descended upon me, each fragment like a piece of a fractured puzzle. The kaleidoscope of my past spun mercilessly, revealing stolen moments, lost connections, and the painful realization that the last six years had been an intricate web of deceit.

Now, armed with the fragments of my shattered past, I embark on a journey to reclaim what was stolen from me. The key to my forgotten memories lies within the secrets of that fateful car accident. The truth waits to be unveiled, holding the power to reshape my destiny.

In a race against time and a battle against those who seek to keep me in the dark, I must confront the enigma of my own identity. The past, once buried deep within the recesses of my mind, now beckons me to uncover its secrets—a revelation that could change everything.

The last six years have been full of lies.

It’s a story of love and loss, deception, and truth.